Fifth Element Athleisure was born in 2016 out of gratitude for being given a second chance to live out my passion and purpose, dance, after a twenty year absence from it.  The collection offers activewear, swimwear and dancewear that seamlessly balances style and performance.  

From leggings to out wear, it can be worn ‘from the school-run to the office, from the ballet barre to the boxing ring’.  Expect flattering cuts and sleek designs, standout fabrics, versatility and comfort that will empower you.


Earth range offers a stylish selection of women’s athleisure wear from leggings, crop and full length sweat shirts and tops.  Perfect for busy energetic lifestyles, high intensity workouts or a long plane ride.


The fire range includes some deeply saturated colors and bold prints for all your color crushes.  


The water range offers rigorously tested swimwear  offering optimal athletic performance and an exceptional fit.


Inspired by movement, the Air range collection offers fashionable and functional dance wear, feminine styles and comfort conscious designs.


This is the element of Spirit, known as Ether.  It is the primal source of energy that creates and fuels the other elements.  It is present within our bodies, the spark of life known as the soul.

The fifth element has no direction, yet encompasses all directions. It is the Center, the circumference, above and below. It is beyond seasons and time, yet is all seasons and time.